Our curriculum is the A Beka Curriculum.

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Toddlers-19 months

(Blue Room)

Our focus points are language development and independence. Language development will be implemented through several daily readings and conversations with our children, which allows them to attain some part of speech and eventually becoming able to form complete sentences.

Children are enhancing their independence by putting away their belongings and toys after daily activities, snack time and lunch they will dispose of unwanted food and utensils.

Potty training can be scary and challenging for the children, so we ask the parents to please work with us as partners to make sure that this is a very successful experience.

Two's who turn three will not be allowed to move up until they are fully potty trained.

Early Preschool- 3's 

Our three year olds will have an opportunity to choose a variety of activities (free play) every day, including manipulative, dramatic play, blocks, listening center, library, science corner and cooperative play. For three year olds, playing is exploring and our activities and themes focus on playing in groups and individually.

Green room children become increasingly self-sufficient and self-help skills are stressed. Children turn the faucets on and off, they open buckles, learn to pull zippers on and off, and more.

Cognitively, Green room children are able to solve simple problems. Our children at this age are now learning to think logically and program goals in every are set to develop:

* Positive self-concept

*Curiosity about the world

*Sensory exploration skills

*Prosocial behavior skills

*Language developments skills/phonics

*Fine motor skills

*Gross motor skills

*Numbers, art & craft, &music


Our red room is comprised of children ranging in age from 4-5. In this room the children will review days days of the week, date, weather and temperature, phonics daily. Students will take part in simple math, language & phonics skills, science, dramatic play, reading, manipulative, music and movement and arts & craft. Red room children will also continue to work on their language skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem solving skills along with many more.

Our children at this stage will work towards getting "KINDERGARTEN READY"